Ways to Save When Building a Custom Home

6 Ways to Save When Building a Custom Home

August 2, 2022

While building a custom home is an exciting process, it can also be overwhelming and expensive. From shingles to countertops, countless decisions must be made regarding the layout, materials, and style of your new home, and how much you’re able to spend to get what you want. Building a custom home is often a balancing … Read more

Ideal Thermostat Setting DDI Southeast Green Cove Springs

What’s the Ideal Thermostat Setting for Summer?

July 28, 2022

With an average temperature of 92 degrees, summers in Green Cove Springs, Florida, are HOT. To beat the heat and stay cool, most residents here run their air conditioning systems constantly. Unfortunately, staying cool often comes with a price. An AC unit that runs constantly uses a lot of energy, resulting in higher monthly costs. … Read more

Signs Your AC Needs a Professional DDI Southeast Green Cove Springs

5 Signs Your AC Needs an HVAC Professional

July 22, 2022

Whether your air conditioner serves a home or business, your unit has a big job to do – fighting the Florida heat. If your indoor space feels warmer than usual, your unit might be losing the battle this summer. While residential and commercial air conditioners differ in size and setup, their occasional malfunctions are often … Read more

Home Builder Green Cove Springs FL

Are You Building a Home in 2022? Expect Some Delays

July 5, 2022

As residential home builders, we love working with clients to plan and build their dream home. Answering their questions and helping them understand the construction process is a top priority for us – everyone is happier when clear expectations are set and met. Some of the most common questions we’re asked relate to timelines and … Read more

Going on Vacation Protect Your AC Green Cove Springs

Going on Vacation? Protect Your AC with These 5 Tips

June 21, 2022

It’s now officially summer, which means it’s vacation time for many Floridians. Countless Clay County residents will soon be leaving the heat and humidity of our sunny state behind for cooler climates. But while you might be able to escape the heat, your air conditioning unit cannot. With a little planning ahead, you can travel … Read more

We are Hiring an HVAC Estimator Green Cove Springs FL

DDI Southeast is Hiring an HVAC Estimator

June 10, 2022

We’re growing! DDI Southeast is a full-line mechanical service company that provides top-quality installation, maintenance, service, and repair of commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC systems. We take pride in providing fast, professional service to all of our customers. With years of industry experience, our HVAC team is well-known in the Clay County area for our … Read more

Commercial HVAC Green Cove Springs

Is Your Commercial HVAC in Good Hands?

June 1, 2022

Business owners are great multitaskers. They oversee planning, strategy, finance, human resources, and a million little things it takes to run a company. With all of those irons on the fire, it’s easy to forget about the unsung hero of your workspace – the HVAC system. The air conditioning system is easy to overlook; if … Read more

AC Repair Green Cove Springs

The Consequences of Skipping AC Preventive Maintenance

May 25, 2022

Maintaining your air conditioning system is one of the best investments you can make in your residential or commercial unit. Just like oil changes and system checks keep a vehicle running smoothly, regular AC maintenance will keep your system running efficiently for years to come. If My AC is Not Serviced, What Happens? Not taking … Read more

Join Us at Green Cove Springs Memorial Day RiverFest 2022

May 23, 2022

Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day weekend? Join DDI Southeast at Memorial Day RiverFest 2022 in Green Cove Springs and enjoy live entertainment, pony rides, bounce slides, train rides, face painting, and more! RiverFest 2022 will be held on Monday, May 30th from 10 … Read more

A Guide to Commercial HVAC | Commercial AC Repair Green Cove Springs

A Guide to Commercial HVACs

May 18, 2022

If you’re a business owner or property manager in Green Cove Springs, Florida, air conditioning is a necessity for your business. Whether you are welcoming patients, shoppers, employees, or diners, maintaining a cool, comfortable environment for guests should be a top priority. Commercial heating, ventilation, and hair conditioning (HVAC) systems are larger, more powerful, and … Read more